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Sting The Studio Collection: Volume II (5 LP Box Set)

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Sting The Studio Collection: Volume II (5 LP Box Set)
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Sting The Studio Collection: Volume II (5 LP Box Set)


Songs From The Labyrinth (Disc 1)
John Dowland (1563 - 1626)
A1    Walsingham (Ballad Setting)    0:38
A2    Can She Excuse My Wrongs ("The Earl Of Essex's Galliard"; First Booke Of Songes, 1597, No. 5)    2:36
A3    "Ryght Honorable: As I Have Bin Most Bounde Unto Your Honor..." (Letter From Dowland To Sir Robert Cecil, Nuremberg, 10 November 1595)    0:40
Robert Johnson (1583 - 1633)
A4    Flow My Tears (Lachrimae) (Second Booke Of Songes, 1600, No. 2)    4:42
John Dowland
A5    Have You Seen The Bright Lily Grow (from Ben Jonson: The Devil Is An Ass, 1616)    2:35
A6    "...Then In Time Passing On Mr. Johnson Died..." (Letter To Sir Robert Cecil)    0:36
A7    The Most High And Mighty Christianus The Fourth, King Of Denmark, His Galliard (Also Known As "The Battle Galliard")    3:01
A8    The Lowest Trees Have Tops (Third Booke Of Songes, 1603, No. 19)    2:16
A9    "...And Accordinge As I Desired Ther Cam A Letter To Me Out Of Germany..." (Letter To Sir Robert Cecil)    0:55
A10    Fine Knacks For Ladies (Seconde Booke Of Songes, 1600, No. 12)    1:50
A11    "...From Thenc I Went To The Landgrave Of Hessen..." (Letter To Sir Robert Cecil)    0:24
A12    Fantasy    2:42
B1    Come, Heavy Sleep (First Booke Of Songes, 1597, No. 20)    3:45
B2    Forlorn Hope Fancy    3:07
B3    "...And From Thence I Had Great Desire To See Italy..." (Letter To Sir Robert Cecil)    0:29
B4    Come Again (First Booke Of Songes, 1597, No. 17)    2:56
B5    Wilt Thou Unkind Thus Reave Me (First Booke Of Songes, 1597, No. 15)    2:40
B6    "...After My Departure I Caled To Mynde Our Conference..." (Letter To Sir Robert Cecil)    0:29
B7    Weep You No More, Sad Fountains (Third Booke Of Songes, 1603, No. 15)    2:38
B8    My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home (Version For Two Flutes)    1:34
B9    Clear Or Cloudy (Second Booke Of Songes, 1600, No. 21)    2:47
B10    "...Men Say That The Kinge Of Spain Is Making Gret Preparation..." (Letter To Sir Robert Cecil)    1:01
B11    In Darkness Let Me Dwell (A Musical Banquet, 1610, No. 10)    4:07

If On A Winter's Night... (Disc 2)
C1    Gabriel's Message    2:34
C2    Soul Cake    3:26
C3    There Is No Rose Of Such Virtue    4:01
C4    The Snow It Melts The Soonest    3:42
C5    Christmas At Sea    4:34
C6    Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming    2:40
C7    Cold Song    3:14
D1    The Burning Babe    2:46
D2    Now Winter Comes Slowly    3:04
D3    The Hounds Of Winter    5:45
D4    Balulalow    3:08
D5    Cherry Tree Carol    3:10
D6    Lullaby For An Anxious Child    2:52
D7    The Hurdy-Gurdy Man    2:48
D8    You Only Cross My Mind In Winter    2:36

Symphonicities (Disc 3/4)
E1    Next To You    2:30
E2    Englishman In New York    4:23
E3    Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic    4:58
F1    I Hung My Head    5:32
F2    You Will Be My Ain True Love    3:44
F3    Roxanne    3:38
G1    When We Dance    5:27
G2    The End Of The Game    6:09
G3    I Burn For You    4:05
H1    We Work The Black Seam    7:19
H2    She's Too Good For Me    3:03
H3    The Pirate's Bride    5:07
H4    Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (Bronx Street Fair Mix)    4:55

57TH & 9TH (Disc 5)
I1    I Can't Stop Thinking About You    3:30
I2    50,000    4:17
I3    Down, Down, Down    3:42
I4    One Fine Day    3:13
I5    Pretty Young Soldier    3:05
J1    Petrol Head    3:31
J2    Heading South On The Great North Road    3:17
J3    If You Can't Love Me    4:33
J4    Inshallah    4:55
J5    The Empty Chair    2:49

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